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Bold Trading Strategies

“The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading.”

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Live Trading Room

As a  member of the Bovarius Capital team you will gain full access to our live trading room where you can see exactly how we analyse the market to interpret what the market is likely to do next and also you will see exactly what we are trading and why

Proprietary Indicators

Proprietary custom built indicators alert you to only take the trades that have met all the required criteria of a higher probability trade set up for a higher rate of winning trades

Trader Coaching

Every trader is different and some require more help than others; no matter how much help you require Bovarius is committed to ensuring that every trader makes money from their trading activity

Weekly Lessons

Log in to the members area to access new lessons, strategies, and updates all delivered by one of our in house traders on a weekly basis.

Daily Trade Calls & Signal Service

Too busy to analyse the markets or just too busy to learn but still want to make money trading then follow our bespoke signal service and trade what we trade with real time signals

Prop Trading

If you can trade and hold your account balance then drop us a line and find out you can get paid for your trading volume.  No limit to what you can earn.

Mission Statement

Bovarius Capital Management is committed to building independent traders who want to generate profits from both their trading activity and their wins.

Clients are trained live in the markets and are taught to profit from week 1; if you are serious about a career or simply generating a second income then you have come to the right place.

We provide effective strategies and on-going support to ensure that you start earning an immediate income from your first week trading.  Our unique style means everyone is making money from week 1.

Our trading  methods and trade management strategies work for everyone regardless of experience, knowledge or aptitude.

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