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Sign up and receive our Signal Service and execute them on the go as you manage a busy lifestyle. Or better yet study and understand why Bovarius has decided to enter the market

A Trading Soluton For Everyone

Whether you are new or seasoned in trading the markets our signal service is a great way add profitable trades to your daily execution. Set and forget to stay keep your money working for you as you manage a busy lifestyle. Or add them to your daily orders and see how they affect your bottom line. Engage with traders here at Bovarius to understand our strategies in greater detail and how they can transform your trading.

A Traders Network

The founders of Bovarius have been trading for over a decade and in that time they have been able to develop and expand their network of traders and contacts all over the globe. When you sign up to our signal service you join a network of traders with an ocean of knowledge to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get all sorts of questions about the signal service and the trading solutions we provide. Here are some of the most common. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

1. Do I have to sit in front of the computer all day to use your trade signals?

No! We send out the trades at least one hour before they are set to trigger.  We send you the entry price, stop price and take profit price and you simply enter the exact same numbers into your own trading platform.

2. Which broker would you recommend?

We recommend a reliable broker that is FCA regulated and offers STP execution. Our partners Tickmill, LMAX and Finotech are all FCA regulated and also offer STP execution to ensure complete transparency.  Tickmill allows you to start with a small account of £100 and is therefore the preferred choice for deposits less than £2,500.

3. What should I do if I miss out on a signal/trade?

In general, our signals are valid for 48 hours after they are released so most people are able to place pending orders.

4. What returns can I expect from your trade signals?

You can expect to win on average seven out of ten trades although our trades are known to produce better results.

5. How many trades can I expect per day?

You will receive a minimum of three trades per day.

6. How do I receive the trade signals?

Trades are sent out via WhatsApp through our WhatsApp signal group; you will be added to this group once you have signed up?

7.I am a total novice at trading, what should I do?

If you are brand new to this then we will offer you a complimentary coaching call to get you up to speed with everything you need to know to begin making money.  We will record the coaching call so that you may watch it over and over again in your own time.

To take advantage of this, simply send an email to and one of our experienced trader coaches will contact you.

8. Do you ever adjust or trail your stop loss to lock in profits?

Yes! And when we do, we will post this in the WhatsApp group.

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